For most of the dresses like kurti, anarkali, gown, sarara we normally need your Australian Clothing size, or Bust / Chest size in inches.

For Blouse we need a little more details (please check below).

Q. How do I understand Kurti Sizes?

A. Lets say if it says "Kurti size 38" that normally means bust size 38 in inches. 


Q. I Only know my Australian Size 

A. Please check out this Australian Women's dress size guide for conversion


Q. I Don't know my Australian Size either

A. Normally your bust / chest size in inches should be enough but you can send us the waist size as well.

trendy size guide - kurti


Blouse measurement guide:


Q. Do you Resize / Alter dresses?

We do alter / resize the dress a bit to fit you the best, with your permission and it's free of cost. Normally we only alter the "width" which is bust and waist size and maybe sleeve sometimes. Altering too much (like from XXL to S) might not be a good idea. 

Since our dresses are pre designed and ready to wear, we don't do complicated customizations.  For some requests like altering the length, extra cost might apply. Please discuss with us before or after you order.